Claussen Farms Custom Farming Inc. has been providing agricultural custom work services to Southwestern Ontario since 1997. The business is operated by brothers Sonke and Hauke Claussen along with their families.

Over the years we have developed a good relationship with our customers due to an environment of trust and respect based on professional and timely work performance. Our trained and dedicated employees and team members are the driving force and the foundation for our success and acceptance. We are proud of our team and what they have achieved over the years by hard work, intensive training, and professional workmanship.

We have an extensive lineup of machinery that is well maintained to meet farming needs in the best possible way. This means that most of our equipment is not "off the rack". We have modified or specialized our equipment for the best possible performance.

Not only do we operate a full line of agricultural equipment, we also provide various soil stabilization, asphalt pulverizing and road conditioning solutions. Every year we get more kilometres under our belt. CFCF Inc. has completed over 1200 pulverizing jobs, for over 200 contractors, counties, and municipalities all across Southern Ontario since 2007.

All of the above is part of our exceptional business model because safety, professional work performance, efficiency, productivity, punctuality, reliability, attention to detail, and fair pricing are our major perspectives in performing contract services.